Ski course

Winter is about to start and the first snowflakes are starting to fall on the mountains. It´s the time of the ski school courses and one of those is visited by our class and their favourite teacher and leader Radim Pikeš. The winter campaign presents mostly the newest Fresh service which offers an exchange of the old phones for the new ones. So let‘s go to the mountains.



New  episode of  TV spots featuring Ivan Trojan as Radim Pikeš who is moonlighting as a lifeguard over the summer holidays because of his miserable teaching salary. In addition to the old friends such as Lucinka, Řízek, Sígr, actress Pavla Tomicová in the role of Pikeš's wife Miládka and the insatiable trained heron also make an appearance.

The campaign promotes the unrestricted tariff "Shared With Us” together with a higher 3G / LTE coverage area.


Semtex Cactus

The aim of the campaign was to introduce a new limited edition of drink Semtex Cactus. Semtex Cactus is unique in its appearance and flavor. The funny campaign accompanies us bumblebee, which becomes a fast turbo bumblebee after he tastes a delicious cactus drink.

Simply do wonders

Image campaign for Qatar mobile operator Ooredoo that emotional and playful way presents the use of modern technology. In this campaign with Lionel Messi, children are challenging one of the best footballers in the world and beat him with the help of a robotic ball.

I am New Toyota Auris


How to welcome the brand new 2013 Toyota Auris in a most original way? Well, simply with Jamie Cullum singing Frank Sinatra’s famous “Just say hello”

Restful sleep


If you suffer from a cold and a stuffy nose, it's simply unbearable. And if these problems bother you at night and you can't sleep, you would rather be literally “buried”.

Ski jumpers


Ski jumpers of Zadar Volanič. Christmas campaign for T-Mobile. All our customers could call all networks for free.


The TV spot was launched at the end of summer when people are still planning their last minute holiday. And if you haven´t been on holiday for a long time, you start going a bit crazy.


Even if a soccer fan gets to see Euro live, it doesn’t automatically mean he sees the key moments of major matches. However, with, we’ll keep you in the game wherever you are!



T-Mobile in this campaign presented an offer that you will be really worked up over! Smartphones for everyone even for not so smart gym-goers.

It makes no difference at work


The on-line job database Konta BARIÉRY (Barriers Account) shows the latest “jobs offered” and “jobs wanted” listings for wheelchair users as well as people with other types of disabilities.

Chuck Norris


T-Mobile launched HD satellite television with excellent picture quality. It also offered its customers extremely interesting gifts, a photo frame, a netbook and a wide-screen LCD TV.