Simply do wonders


Image campaign for Qatar mobile operator Ooredoo that emotional and playful way presents the use of modern technology. In this campaign with Lionel Messi

We collect Golden Stones and Effies


We collect Golden Stones and Effies We have added to our collection more awards, of which we are rightfully proud – for the “At Your Service” campaign for T-Mobile with Ivan Trojan in the role of a secret agent. We can currently show off a silver EFFIE for the “Wireless” TV spot and two Golden Stones in the TV Spot…

Semtex Cactus


Semtex Cactus is unique in its appearance and flavor. The funny campaign accompanies us bumblebee, which becomes a fast turbo bumblebee after he tastes a delicious cactus drink.

Fall in love with driving again


If you do anything without emotion, you better don't do it at all. If you are not able to express your feelings don't even own a pet. Do not stay in a relationship that lacks passion. And most importantly ... do not create any campaign without love



In summer campaign for T-Mobile, we will follow up on the characters and stories that have proven successful in the past. Actor Ivan Trojan will return as gym teacher Radim Pikeš; this time he is taking his class boating.

Spring Kaktus campaign


Our goal was to prepare spring campaign for Kaktus brand, focusing on the communication of two key product benefits - call billing by seconds and connection to Facebook from your mobile phone for free.



In the new campaign, our favorite actors Lukáš and Vojta were replaced by an equally popular Czech actor Ivan Trojan as Radim Pikes . He plays a role of a dour gym teacher in grammar school who cares about his students and seeks his dream love – teac